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About Me

My job is to make things look pretty and work even better. When I am not staring at thousands of lines of perfectly indented code or rummaging through hundreds of neatly labeled Photoshop layers, I can be found partaking in one of my many other hobbies. Chances are, I will either be smothered in saw dust crafting a table with my prized power tools, splattered in ink practicing calligraphy, covered in cowhide remnants creating leather wallets, or simply making my neighbors miserable while I teach myself guitar.


It all began with a curiosity of graffiti on abandoned buildings in Detroit and Microsoft Paint. After purchasing Adobe Photoshop in eighth grade, my desire to pursue graphic design only continued to grow. Almost ten years, countless embarrassing t-shirt designs and numerous part-time jobs later, I am in the real world, getting paid to play.


For me, code and design have always gone hand-in-hand. Building MySpace layouts marked the beginning. After a few scattered years of freelance web development, a four year Computer Science degree and my first full-time Front-End Development gig, I know that I haven’t scratched the surface of all there is to know. And that is what has kept me hooked.

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Random Things

I live in Downtown Raleigh, NC.

I collect collections.

My favorite number is 15.

I have been to 14 Detroit Tiger’s Opening Days.

I have cadaver bone in my right leg.

All-time favorite movie is Happy Gilmore.